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How to prepare a child for acrobatics classes?

The most important things are three elements: OUTFIT, Non-slip socks, WATER. The outfit should always be comfortable, breathable, and not restrict movement.

How to prepare a child for acrobatics classes?

In the case of young children, it’s worth talking to them at least a day in advance, preferably several times, about the classes. It’s also a good idea to take a moment to watch a few videos on our YouTube channel to show the child what the courses at the school look like and what the goal is – performing in shows. Check which room the lessons will take place in, so it’s easier to get there at school or kindergarten. Show the child what the room looks like; it will be easier for them to enter a space they have already seen.

How to enroll in classes?

You can do it through our website or by phone.

What formalities need to be completed before the first lesson?

Before the first lesson, you should:

  • Familiarize yourself with our REGULATIONS
  • Sign the Membership Declaration document
  • Pay the monthly membership fee

We will inform you of the date of the first lesson via email and SMS.

What if there's no space in the group?

If the group you’ve chosen is full, we will place you on a waiting list and promptly inform you if a spot becomes available. We will also try to find an attractive alternative for you.

Where can i find a schedule?

You can find the schedule on our website.

Can you enroll during the semester?

You can enroll throughout the year. As far as possible and as needed, we create entirely new groups. You can join groups that have already started their lessons if there are available spots and the instructor approves it.

How can I make payments for classes?

We recommend convenient and secure electronic payments through the Przelewy24 portal.

Do you accept sports cards?

We do not accept sports cards.

When should I pay for the classes?

We always require payment in advance. The payment for the first month of classes should be made after the first trial class. Subsequent monthly payments should be made in advance, no later than the last day of the month preceding the new billing period. The first trial classes are only available for children participating in our classes for the first time.

What if I haven't paid for the classes?

After the first missed payment, you lose the right to participate in the course until you settle your outstanding fees.

What if I've already paid the tuition and want to change the group, location, or style of classes?

If you’ve already paid the tuition but you’re not satisfied with the specific acrobatics style or the level of the group, you can change to a different group or style of classes. If the new classes you choose are more expensive, you’ll need to pay the difference. If they are cheaper, you will either receive a refund or the surplus amount will be credited toward future classes.

Can parents be present during the classes?

During the lessons, only the participants and the instructor are allowed in the room. The presence of parents can be distracting for the children and hinder effective learning.

Do you organize any other activities besides acrobatics classes?

Of course! In addition to regular classes, we also organize workshops, weekend events, summer and winter day camps, as well as acrobatics and dance camps.

Do classes take place during the summer and winter holidays?

During the winter holidays, classes continue as usual. Additionally, there are winter day camps and gatherings for tournament groups. In the summer, from July 1st to August 31st, we do not have regular classes, and parents do not pay for this period. During this time, we offer summer day camps and a camp for children.

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